How To Spot A Fake Gucci Bag

Counterfeit products are increasing by the day and are getting more difficult to discern between the real ones. 
We have gathered a go to guide to help you in spotting the real from the fakes :
1- Gucci Tag:
All Gucci bags come with a leather/metal tag stamped with ®, Gucci & "Made in Italy". This stamp should be looked at carefully for the spelling, spacing, font and positioning which is usually centered. 
Another aspect to focus on is the clarity of the stamp which should be even and clear.
2- Serial Number:
All serial numbers should be on the reverse side of the Gucci tag inside the bag. There are two parts to the serial number with one being on top of the other (in some cases, it can be in a continuous line). The first part of the serial number refers to the style and the second part to the supplier code.
Googling the codes can be of great help to make sure that the code matches the item you have and not represent a different category entirely which can be a valid indication that the item is fake.
3- Hardware: 
Real Gucci bags have sturdy and solid metal hardware as opposed to lightweight, flakey and chipped hardware from fakes. 

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