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How To Spot A Fake Gucci Bag

Counterfeit products are increasing by the day and are getting more difficult to discern between the real ones.  We have gathered a go to guide to help you in spotting the real from the fakes : 1- Gucci Tag: All Gucci bags come with a leather/metal tag stamped with ®, Gucci & "Made in Italy". This stamp should be looked at carefully for the spelling, spacing, font and positioning which is usually centered.  Another aspect to focus on is the clarity of the stamp which should be even and clear. 2- Serial Number: All serial numbers should be on the reverse side of the...

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How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton is one the most counterfeited brand out there. To spot a fake LV bag, there are many details to look at such as: stitching, lining, trims, hardware details, monogram pattern to name a few. Therefore, we have gathered three important authentication features to spot to simplify the whole process: 1- Stamping: The LV stamping is very important in allowing you to authenticate the bag. The tail of the L is very short The O's are bigger than the L's and are very round The T's are placed closely to one another that it seems like they are touching The...

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How To Store Your Vintage Designer Bag

Good storage is key to maintaining the longevity and value of your vintage designer bag. Below you will find tips and tricks to make sure that your handbags look their best at all times : Items needed:  Damp/dry cloth Stuffing (bubble wrap, tissue paper, newspaper) Dust Cover Instructions: After wearing your bag, it is always a good idea to wipe it down with a damp or dry cloth depending on the fabric and emptying the inside to shake out any loose dust and dirt.  The stuffing of a bag is as important as it gets. When you wish to put the...

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